John Berry

It is a privilege to serve on the board of the ICA Group and work to ensure this group is successful going forward. Being part of the ICA Group means we can continue a culture of family and support, so any advisor who is part of our group never feels like they are alone on an island. The financial planning and services industry is continually changing. Lately, however, it feels the rate of change is faster than what we have experienced in the past. “Stronger together” is not just a saying. It is how we survive the uncertainty this industry is notorious for. The opportunity to call another advisor to get ideas of how they might have dealt with a particular situation, or heck, to learn from them how they have grown their business is a huge benefit to advisors at all levels of experience. This heritage of open communication is truly unique in the industry. As the business changes my goal for the ICA Group is for it to able to supply the tools and support for our advisors to grow their businesses and be ready for the next wave of change.

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