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The OSJ of Investment Center Advisor Group focuses on enhancing the partnership between the advisor and LPL. Advisors within ICA Group receive many opportunities to network and share best practices through regional and pocket meetings, newsletters, and advisor-led calls. Our approach focuses on our individual strength and how we can leverage our successes to meet the mission of “Better Together”.

We understand you may have questions about working with an independent OSJ. We encourage you to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions, and please reach out to us if you have additional questions or interest.

What is an OSJ Group? Expand

As an advisor, you already know that you are required to report to an office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ). Some advisors become their own OSJ by obtaining a Series 24 license. Other advisors may use their broker/dealer for oversight or join an independent OSJ group like ICA Group. An OSJ group is an affiliation of advisors who all belong to the same broker/dealer. The group works together to leverage better economies of scale and provides more personalized support regarding regulatory matters and compliance review needs.

What are the advantages of an OSJ Group? Expand

Affiliated advisors realize many benefits as a member of an OSJ group, but the most apparent is focused support. This support includes increased transition services, expedited compliance reviews, and tailored guidance through today’s regulatory environment. Also, ICA Group affiliated advisors have a dedicated resource to help them find opportunities within their own practice.

What should I consider when joining an OSJ Group Expand

Cultural fit is the most important factor an advisor should consider when evaluating an OSJ group. Because ICA Group advisors work in a collaborative environment, you will want to ensure your practice philosophy meshes with the guidance and direction of the OSJ group. Look for an OSJ with a business model that reflects the type of practice you want to lead.

What are the limitations of an OSJ Group? Expand

An OSJ group provides many benefits, however, there are some aspects that are solely handled within the broker/dealer. These include product availability, commission payouts, and brokerage services.

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