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Your personal goals, business objectives, and definitions of success are as unique as your advisory business. We value your independence, and believe our role is to work with you to support your business vision. Our team provides a collaborative environment geared toward your business growth and practice success.

Compliance and Operations

Gain greater confidence with our comprehensive compliance and operations support. Our dedicated team is here to help keep your office running smoothly and efficiently.

Technology Consulting

We connect our advisors with state-of-the-art technology consulting services to help ensure your offices are setup to meet today’s rapidly changing industry.

Business Growth and Transitions 

Through our network of independent advisors, you can be part of a wealth of industry knowledge, transition services, and new business opportunities. 

Marketing Design and Solutions

We can help drive your business farther with access to quality marketing design and print services. In addition, you can order promotional gear using our proprietary Marketplace. 

Hear from Our Advisors

We’re a united group together — a force. What we have is powerful in the industry and invaluable to your practice!”

Shawn Dunnigan, CFP®

Fort Collins, CO

“I was able to grow my business by the sharing of ideas from everyone who is a part of this group!”

Mike Huck, CFP®

Aberdeen, SD

Mission Statement 

The Investment Center Advisor Group OSJ has been built with a clear focus on each advisor and their growth by incorporating and leveraging the successes of advisors within the OSJ through multiple forms of idea sharing, collaboration, and value-add components, beneficial to the ICA Group…Better Together.

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