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Our Financial Solutions Team partners with the ICA Group advisors to share independent investment insight and determine an appropriate plan for the client. Working hand-in-hand with advisors, and utilizing the LPL resources, we identify and prioritize issues that are uncovered in the profiling and discovery process.

1) Engage

Organize and prioritize client information.

4) Consult

Strategy session with advisor to develop action items.

2) Design

Build personalized financial solutions including 3rd party technology.

5) Connect

Begin networking between the advisor, the FST and LPL resources

3) Review

Review presentation with advisor of potential solutions.

6) Maintain

ongoing service, review and monitoring of plan.

When to Work With Us?

Social Security Analysis 

Tax Planning

Full Case Design

Investment Strategies

Second Opinions

Roth Conversions

Portfolio Analysis


Advisory Model Analysis

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