Chad Renner
Chad Renner

Chad serves as president of Investment Center Advisor Group and brings more than 25 years of financial services experience from his career as both an advisor and former wholesaler. During his time as a wholesaler, Chad worked with many advisors, in various types of business settings. This experience allowed him to build a vast knowledge about operating successful practices. Chad incorporates his experiences and the concept of idea sharing when advisors meet success as part of ICA Group.

The OSJ of Investment Center Advisor Group focuses on enhancing the partnership between the advisor and LPL. Advisors within ICA Group receive many opportunities to network and share best practices through regional and pocket meetings, newsletters, and advisor-led calls. Our approach focuses on our individual strength and how we can leverage our successes to meet the mission of “Better Together”.

Chad is one of 7 children and was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from John Carroll University, he moved to Denver to begin his career in the financial services industry. Chad and his wife Kim have three very active children — Drew, Dylan, and Delaney. In addition to spending time with is family and attending various kid activities, Chad enjoys golfing, skiing, and just taking time to enjoy the beauty of Colorado.

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