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Mike Huck, CFP®

I was able to grow my business by the sharing of ideas from everyone who is part of this group!

Chris Disler
Chris Disler

My professional growth comes from the sharing and comradery that is unique to this group. The ICA Group tears down the silos that are so common to this business and instead focuses on how to lift up all of its members.

Glenn Griffin
Glenn Griffin

I have found my affiliation with the ICA Group to be of great help. I especially leverage the Financial Solutions Team for assistance with financial planning cases and Social Security Analysis. They are a great resource to have and I have found them to be readily accessible.

Cindy Gustafson
Cindy Gustafson, ChFC®, AIF®, RICP®

The breadth of knowledge and quick response times from this group allow me to efficiently provide the best possible service to my existing clients which has resulted in many referrals.

Shawn Dunnigan, CFP®

We’re a united group together – a force. What we have is powerful in the industry and invaluable to your practice!

Sandra King
Sandra King, CRC®

The ICA Group is such a blessing to me! They are dedicated to supporting me and my business. Whether it is the FST or Marketing, Compliance, or Operations, they are there for me. Knowing I have a team I can rely on, is irreplaceable.

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